What I do when I’m sick

The cold weather has run over Los Angeles and it seems like everyone is getting sick – including me. I hope that I have passed the worst, I know myself and my body have like one day in between that I feel ok and the day after I feel the worst and today is the day when I feel ok. But that won’t stop me from spending all day in bed because when you’re sick its totally acceptable to waste it in front of Netflix. But thats not all that I do, that would be such a waste of time to ONLY watch Netflix until I fall asleep. (But I will nap during the day)

I start off by putting on the most comfortable clothing I can find, a pair of joggers or leggings. A pair of fluffy or knitted socks to keep me warm and a big cozy hoodie or a poncho that I can use as a blanket. The coziness factor is on maximum as it should be! I also order takeout food, this time I tried a Tom Yum noodle soup form a Thai place and got hooked so I have been there more then once to get it.


I spend some time catching up on reading the articles I yet have had time to read. I buy and get a lot of magazines but sometimes I forget to actually even open them. I also take the opportunity to feel a little bit sorry for myself and order some stuff online. Preferably at Sephora or ULTA because right now I have this thing for liquid lipsticks and I just need to get and try them all. Sephora also had a 20% off deal this weekend so I had to take that to my advantage.

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I also spend some time on doing things I don’t spend time doing otherwise like trying out my new makeup and play around with it. Why not? Its not like I have anywhere else I need to be and while Im home I might as well do it. It also gives me times to prepare posts for my blog and maybe some new ideas for Youtube videos. (I know I haven’t uploaded anything but as I barely can speak right now it have to wait a little bit longer)

I got tons of liquid lipsticks the other week and I want to swatch and try them so expect one or two posts on that soon.



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  1. Jag hoppas att du inte kommer att få sämre än vad du har mått! 🙂

    Sv; tackar! Det har jag fått, hoppas din kväll också har varit bra idag 🙂

  2. jag tänker alltid å vad mysigt det skulle vara att vara sjuk haha. men aldrig när jag väl är det då det alltid kommer när jag har massa måsten

  3. Yes, it’s so nice to be in comfy clothes when you’re sick! I also love binge watching a guilty pleasure type show on Netflix. It’s amazing how many episodes you can get through on a sick day, haha.

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