Are you the one?

Im going to be brutally honest about my private life right now, even though that is something that I keep – private. I used Tinder a lot about a year ago. I did actually meet a guy, and we clicked. We saw each other for about 10 months until I finally realized that it wasn’t right. I don’t know if you really can find the one like that, maybe you can. This guy was, is, really great. But we want different things in our lives. And we are still so young. For me, the easiest path was to just end whatever it was that we had. I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. Im not saying that you can’t find the one on tinder. Or anywhere. Im just saying that its hard. The one is probably out there, and I believe that you will meet the one when your ready, when the time is right. I have yet to find my significant other. So for now, I’m happy being with myself.

Some people who aren’t happy being alone however are all the ones in the TV show “Are You The One?”. They let 10 girls and 10 guys live in a house, and within 10 weeks they are supposed to find their perfect match between the people in the house. If they succeed they will win 1 million dollars to split. I have only been able to watch the most recent episode so Im not 100% following on what’s been happening. But I found the show very interesting because you have the love between some of the couples, and they you have the drama between girls that wants the same guy ot guys that wants some other guys girl. More info about the show can be find at Are you The One homepage.

You can play the Are You The One game yourself. If you are number 1 after an episode you have a chance to win a trip to Hawaii for two! Maybe you have already found the one and want to bring them? Or simply just take a nice trip with your best friend. Play AYTO here.

You can watch the most recent episode for free here on MTV.

Watch the AYTO trailer here on YouTube.



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