Lets be real for a moment

We all have those days. Ladies, you know what I’m taking about. We all have them. Those horrible days where we thought that nothing else could go wrong but then there it is. The uncomfortable feeling we get every now and then when something funky is going on, which is totally normal, but it just makes you so uncomfortable. We all have them, don’t try to deny it. I know for sure that I have those days!


So what do we do about it? Try to ignore it and hopes it goes away? Always brings pairs of fresh units just in case? No thank you! Thanks to U by Kotex Liners we can #BringComfyBack and feel safe in any situation! No more dragging along fresh undies, where do the dirty ones go anyways?? The U by Kotex Curve Liners come in a smaller compact package, in a bunch of different fun colors, which is perfect for anyone on the go. Unfortunately I could not find it in my store, but I did however find the U by Kotex Lightdays Liners which also fits me perfectly since they are very flexible and soft.


Want to try out some samples or get discounts of the U by Kotex Liners? Head over to their website HERE to grab your coupon now!


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