NuMe Magic Wand & Megastar

I got some new hairstyling tools form NuMe the other week. I have always seen them around and been super curious to try, but I just never got around to buy anything, until this super offer came ip and I got the Magic Wand for only 27 dollars!! I haven’t kept up a lot with their special offers but I have seen the awesome bundle deals they have on their website.


I got the Magic Wand in 25 mm, I read thats a good it for the kind of curls that I want for my hair. The deal I got it for is no longer active, but I’ll put som discount codes that are active in the bottom of the post! The wand is made in 100% Titanium which has such benefits as that it heats up quickly and more evenly then a ceramic one. It is cheaper and way more lightweight and it will also make your hair more sleeker and shinier. Choosing styling tools with Titanium has its benefits, especially if you have thicker hair. I have not yet to try the wand but as soon as I do Ill do a little post about it and the results.

I got a heat protection glove as well with the wand, which is perfect, sometimes I am super clumsy and burn myself on the wands, now I don’t have to deal with that anymore!! IMG_1457

I also got the Megastar Straightener*, this one I was sent from NuMe and they sent it to me just in time. My little puppy chewed on the cord to my other one and I had to throw that one away, so lucky! So that is the reason to why I chose a Straightening iron, and this one I have tried! It heats up SO quickly, only a few seconds and it is ready to go. I also don’t have it on the highest temperature because it is not needed, I personally feel that around 360 F is the perfect heat to make the straightener work just enough without putting too much heat on my hair. It also leaves it super sleek and shiny which I love. A terma pouch was also included so that I can store the iron even when its hot. Perfect when you’re traveling or on the go!

I have been planning to do some hair stuff on youtube eventually, these guys will definitely make it so much easier for me! And even though I don’t too often put any heat on my hair it is sometimes nice to do something extra.

All these offers are good until October 31. Shop at NuMe ♥



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