Saturday movie night with BOOMCHICKAPOP

Around our house there is always a lot going on, I am barely home and when I am no one else is. Me and my roommates, we all have very different schedules. Two of us are in school and one girl works nights – which means that she sleeps during the days and is off to work before I even get home. But there re those few days where we all are home at the same, it is abnormal and wonderful. It doesn’t happen too often, and especially not on weekends as we always try to do something on our free time.

I loaded up with some new snacks from BOOMCHICKAPOP for tonight as everyone agrees to that even though we love snacking, we should all do it as healthy as possible. BOOMCHICKAPOP is gluten-free, contains no GMOs and are pretty low calorie. I found these at VONS just down the street form my house, which I was very happy about. Visit their website to find out which store close to you have them.


I chose the BOOMCHICKAPOP White Cheddar and Sea Salt, but they also come in 2 more flavors; Sweet & Salty and Lightly Sweet. 2 for $6 got me real good and I could resist the offer while it was there. The popcorn seem so fresh and I really like the taste of them. The taste is not to strong, since I don’t like say foods that is perfect, it was just the right amount of flavor on them!

I also want to encourage you to join the giveaway that BOOMCHICKAPOP have right now on their Facebook page. Show us how to  #BringTheBoom and you might win A ‘Halloween Kit’ Complete with Halloween necessities, a $50 Target gift card and Multi-packs of either Sea Salt or Sweet & Salty. It can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Hope you all have a bomtastick Saturday night! 


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