Back-to-school style with Marshalls and a Giveaway

So, I started school a few weeks back and the most fun about starting a new semester is definitely back to school shopping. Especially for new clothes! Marshalls is a great place to find great designer and brand items for less money, we all know the economy struggles as a college student by staying on a set budget. I went to the Marshalls closest to me, by Westfield Culver city, find your nearest store here.

Im sure that I wondered around the store for at least one hour. It is such a big store with so many things that it takes some good time to go through it. I was essentially looking for some statement items that I could use both in school and for my everyday activities. Something that I am very big on is bags and shoes, they are essential and I prefer the ones that are easy to match with a lot of things. Luckily I managed to get a gorgeous pair of designer shoes in a snake print faux suede with me and a designer leather bag for at least half price off the regular price! You can see the bag right here, I was really looking for something simple, yet with a little twist. Simple enough to  match with any outfit, but not too boring.


The top that I am wearing to the right is also from Marshalls, a real steal if you ask me and the turtleneck is so in season, and here to stay for a little while! The fact that it is a tank top is so suiting for the California weather, and as it starts to get cooler outside I can just throw a leather jacket over it.I found a few other top s at Marshalls as well for great prices, if you look long enough you can really find som essential fall style pieces that you will love.

To the left is a gorgeous blazer like top that I found, perfect to trow onto any easy outfit to make it look a little bit more stylish. I think this one was only 25 dollars, while the top was 12. Real deals if you ask me! To find more style tips visit Marshalls Style Inspiration board here.

IMG_1450 copy

These designer shoes were probably my favorite, and even though they costed a little penny they were still so much more affordable at Marshalls then they would have been otherwise. I love the style of the boots and not only will they go well this fall or winter, but at any season any year. They are timeless and for me they will always be in style.



I also want to let you guys know that I am giving away 2 gift cards to Marshalls. They are both valued at $50 each and to win them simply leave a comment and let me know what your fall essential is! I will pick 2 winners September 30.


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Marshalls and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.


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  1. My Fall essential is my cardigan I bought from Marshalls!! OMG it’s beige witha black triangle pattern and orange leaves. It’s so pretty and warm. I could nap in it!

  2. My fall essentials are just really cute warm sweaters, ankle boots, my kinda dark lipsticks and of course a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate won’t harm anybody!

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