Easy meal prep with Suddenly Grain Salad

As the most stereotypical student that I am, coking can sometimes (mostly all the time) be such a hassle. Either I get some super late and I am so tired that I just end up eating anything or nothing, or Im “too busy” to cook. I went out to get myself the new Suddenly Grain Salad, I have never tried these before so I did not know what to expect. My first impression was that there were a mixture of grains that you were supposed to mix with veggies, but when I opened the Suddenly Grain Salad box it was all included!

The Suddenly grains Salad comes in three different tastes; Harvest Grains, Southwest Grains and Tuscan grains. I tried the Suddenly Grain Salad “Southwest Grains”, as I love the chipotle vinaigrette. That taste is just marvelous and I love it! So, as I said everything was already included in the little package that I bought, so I went head and followed instructions. In 3 easy steps my meal was done! Starting off I wanted to boil the little bag of grains and veggies in water for 17 minutes, so I started off by boiling up water and letting the grains cook. While the grains cooked I prepared the vinaigrette mixture. I took one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of cold water and mixed it with the powder mixture of the vinaigrette. Easy peasy!


This is basically what it looked like while mixing everything together. You have the grains and the vegetables in a little cooking bag that you open up after it has been cooked and you mix it into the vinaigrette. Oh and I forgot, you can serve this meal warm or cold. If you want it cold, you leave the bag under cold running water for a minute or two, and if you want the meal warm, you let it rinse under warm water for a little while. After mixing the vinaigrette and the grains you are all done with your meal! I would personally suggest adding some chicken and some other vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, avocado or whatever you like to your Suddenly Grain Salad! It is however perfectly good to eat by itself, and I really enjoyed the taste of the Chipotle vinaigrette.

This salad was so easy to make, costed me about 3 dollars and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

IMG_9948 2

I wanted to share a coupon with you guys, it will give you $0.75 off any Suddenly Grain Salad and you can find the coupon here.

Have you ever tried any Suddenly Salad products before, or will you try out them now?


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