#GearUpForCollege with Office Depot and OfficeMax

For me, the first school week has been full of new information and a lot of walk throughs of what this semester is gonna be all about. Thankfully I went to Office Depot to gear up just to make sure I was prepared and organized to start another year at college! I have several classes that are around three hours long, so what makes school more fun? Cute stuff! I discovered that Office Depot had so many cute things because Office Depot have a Fashion Supplies category with really cool designs to great prices. Now, I was personally struck by the Gold Collection as it was super minimal and so my style. So, I geared up on a bunch of things from the Gold Collection and I got everything that I needed for a fare share! If the minimal and light isn’t your thing, they also have a Metallic Pop collection that is way more colorful!


I just loved the minimal and light notebooks that Office Depot offered. The gold and white are totally me and (not showed in picture) I also got a smaller notebook in the same print. These pencils that comes in a pack of eight are just so adorable, and the best thing is that they come in a case as well so I can just keep the pens with me all the time in my bag. I have already used all my notebooks, one for each class as I have 3 classes on campus. Having different ones makes it so much easier for me to know which one that goes to which class. Don’t you agree with me? I mean, If you have notebooks that all looks the same, which one is the right one to your class? You’ll only know by looking inside of them.


I also geared up on some folders and paper pockets for my loose papers. I also got a smaller binder and a bunch of paper to put inside of it so that I can write anything that I need to have written down in there. I am really big on being organized and making sure I have everything in place where it needs to be. If I am not organized, hell breaks loose. I have one thing of each to every class and I have english Lit this semester, so I am sure that there will be a bunch of loose paper handed to me, but also a lot of writing that I will be doing myself.

Something else that I like is that Office Depot also have a lot of office supplies to stay organized at your workspace. So I got myself some paper clips just in case. I always find myself needing this, but then I don’t have any. So far they have been nothing but helpful keeping all my papers together and organized.


Now I went to two different Office Depot stores just to make sure that I got everything that I needed. Some stores runs out of things which is kind of disappointing but I was lucky enough to find what I needed. I also know that you can shop at Office Depot and OfficeMax online store because there they have everything! But in the stores they had some really good deals as well, and I like to go to the stores and see the products that I am buying. I strongly recommend you to visit a Office Depot and OfficeMax store or check them out online because they have some really good items!

This post is brought to you by Office Depot Inc and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own.


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