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Hey dolls, how are you all doing? My friend left today and now the house is so empty! We had three other girls staying here as well and now everybody is gone, but Sarahs friends are coming this weekend so we will be full house again.. Im finally starting to get together my room, perfectioning every last inch of the place. I still need more artwork as you can see, switch some of them up and also get a really big one over my bed since its now completely empty above it, its the only wall thats empty, and it feels so empty and cold. I promise you that I will show you my whole room as soon as I feel 100% finished.

I also bought this super cute mug the other day, and some others too. I have a thing for mugs, and basically everything thats cute and that I feel are useful. Because if it feels useful, I can buy it guilt free!

2015-08-24 09.27.50


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