Time to catch up

Hey guys, life has been kind of crazy and I haven’t had time to do anything but life life wright now. My friend is going back home to Sweden tomorrow and I have a ton of stuff lined up that I want to show you. I did have some fun today going up to my friends house in Bel Air but, of course I didn’t take any pictures stupid as I am. But its a gorgeous house literally top of everything! If you follow me on snapchat you have seen it. (@byfia) We just had some bbq, drank some wine and had a good time.

Also yesterday we went for a short. but intense hike. There are these stairs in Culver that goes up pretty high and you have an amazing lookout all over LA because you’re literally on a hill in the middle. It took us about 7-8 minutes up the stairs, it was hard but definitely worth it. You can walk up along a normal road as well but thats not as much fun!

2015-08-25 15.31.26 copy

The stairs and a random pic from Marina Del Rey the other day.

And, MY APP is finally live! YAY. Hope you guys will like it, its free and you can see all my social medias there, twitter, lookbook, vine, the blog and Instagram. Its super smart because with the app you can bookmark your favorite posts and save them. I hope you guys like that app and downloads it, just search for Redux Squad and it will come up!

2015-08-26 21.14.23


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