Beverly Hills // Rodeo Drive

So as you know my friend is visiting from Sweden. He has been here visiting me before, about two years ago and now were doing basically everything we did not do the last time. Today we went to Beverly Hills just because the last time we only drove by it, and Rodeo Drive. So we started off the morning with doing breakfast at Le Pain Quotiden. Just around Rodeo Drive there are very few places to eat food on, unless you go a few blocks down the neighborhood. Le Pain is literally up on rodeo drive and about one block away so its a good walking distance and a really great place for breakfast or brunch. I got the Smoked Salmon breakfast and Andreas got some oatmeal with berries.


We continued to walk around on Rodeo Drive and stopped by some of the stores, window shopped and looked at the car that always is parked outside of The House of Bijan. The son of the store owner always drive down the ar every day and parks it outside of the store. Today the oh so famous limited edition Phantom Rolls Royce that Bijan has designed together with Rolls Royce came just as we passed by. I can’t even imagine how much this car costs. And can you believe that they have their own parking meter outside of the store?!


Other then walking on the famous streets of Rodeo Drive we went to Niketown just down the street and also headed out to some other malls to shop a little. I bought a few things that I needed, mostly basic pieces and some underwear from Victorias Secret. I have really been splurging on makeup and tools lately and I am so excited to start doing youTube videos and other fun stuff!



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