I’m on a boat

My roommates friend rented a boat in Marina del Rey and since there were a few seats open we got to join them for a nice little tour out on the sea. You can rent boats and jet skies and stuff out there by the marina and just have a fun day out on the water. The weather has been really humid and so hot lately something out on the water was really nice. We were 10 people on the boat and it was pretty much enough for that size of a boat.


We brought a bunch of foods and drinks and just had a good time on the boat. At one point some of us really needed to go to the restroom and guess what, theres no restroom. What do we do? We jump in the water and barely get back up and I literally scratched up my arm, elbow and stomach but the water was really nice so Im not complaining. But apparently you’re not really allowed to jump in the water form the boat, adventures.

Afterwards we just went home, I had been so tired form the whole weekend celebrating and partying and drinking. Its freaking exhausting and since I rarely even drink all its even more exhausting.



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