A little update

My friend from Sweden arrived yesterday, and with my birthday coming up tomorrow the least I can say is that I have a lot to do. He brought me all of my favorite candies from Sweden, like oh lord this is my favorite day of all time! If you haven’t had Swedish Candy before, you have not lived. I literally HATE american candy, its all chemicals and stuff that will slowly kill you ahead of time. I am serious about my candy, and I got the best of the best. IMG_1133

Other ten that I have received a bunch of fun packages, among them some stuff from Sephora. After getting a sample box of the Bumble and Bumble products I fell in love, and so did my hair. It just leaves its smooth and unfrizzy and I love it. Its perfect in between using all the violett blonde shampoos. All of these have smaller travel sizes for sale if you just want to try them out, and I definitely think you should!

Hairdressers Invisible Oil – Heat/UV Protector | Sulfate Free Shampoo | Conditioner


Well, tomorrow is my 21st birthday. I’ll probably pop up a little “Yay Its my birthday post”


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  1. Nej, gillar inte kemikalier men ärligt talat beställde jag USA godis via en sida för ville testa 🙂 mestadels choklad då.

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