A sneak peak of my room, and my upcoming App

Oh my, there is SO much going on right now I can’t even believe it, like this is my life. The blog and all my social medias has been hot lately, a lot of fun exposure on different websites have just been the creme de la creme, literally. I’m also done with summer school which has allowed me to finally make some changes at home. Im starting to finalize my room and get 100% organized and settled, a few changes in theres of the apartment issuing on as well. Soon ill be able to show you everything! Here is a little sneak peak my wall that will be full of clothes, shoes, accessories and other cute stuff.

2015-08-05 08.34.54-3

I found these really great shelving systems at IKEA, its only $130 but buying the drawers and additional shelves will cost you some more. For me however, this was definitely the ultimate shelving system ever created and exactly what I was looking for to my room. And just lok how perfectly it fit next to my clothing rod and other shelving unit that I already had in my room. The drawers were great for all my accessories  and makeup items to store, they aren’t too big or too deep and fits well. Overly excited about the shelving system, but it really is perfect!

Another fun thong coming up is my App. YES my blog and social medias are getting an App!! It will just be an app where you can easily follow all of my social medias gathered on one place. Its still being modified and will be released within two weeks, but heres a little sneak peak of what it looks like right now.

2015-08-04 23.21.30

On the app you will be able to see my latest updates on the blog, twitter and Instagram for now. I might be starting with YouTube again, and if that will be there too. You can bookmark your favorite posts and comment on them! Would you download the app to follow me easier?


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  1. Hey Sofia!

    Your closet looks like something out of my dreams!I have a ton of trouble keeping my closet looking so pristine. I love how you displayed your shoes, can’t wait for the full post and to check out your new app!

  2. Obsessed with your closet, so jealous! And I’m excited for your app, defiantly going to be on the look out for it!


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