The lace up shoes

Oh my god, could these shoes be more perfect or what? Lace up is always such a nice little detail added to your ready gorgeous shoes and definitely something every girl must own this season. Ive been eyeing a few pairs for the past weeks and will most likely very soon get a pair, or two. And I need to be honest, I just got myself 6 pairs of shoes for 115 bucks at Missguideds SALE, It is AMAZING find it right here. (You also get additional % off your purchase, details on the website)

Classic Blacks

Oh my, I could probably get all of these, and more of the black ones. Always stylish, and it is always appropriate to wear black. If I could dream I would get a pair from Schutz, but that will have to wait for now! I found all of the shoes in this post, pretty affordable, at Missguided US. I have a pair of black lace ups from GUESS that I found on clearance at ROSS, god damn I was so happy about these perfect little black shoes. And I wear them all the time when I’m out and about because they’re also super comfortable ans stabil.


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The Nude

Honestly, I have so few nude shoes in my closet, and it is embarrassing. I always go for the blacks even if I have so many black ones. I feel that a nude one would definitely be my next purchase. I do realize that all down aren’t exactly “lace ups” but they might as well be and they are gorgeous!

f1600377_lisa-marie_10.06.15_hm_437863 copy

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The high Lace and The Flats

Now the high lace ups, I absolutely adore, but I could never wear them myself. The curse of having big calves, am I right?! Maybe the right style would work, but high boots has never been a big hit for me either. Now the flats, those I love. I recently saw a pair with leopard pattern, they won’t be released until fall season though but I will definitely get those. f1600531_joanna_20.07.15_hm_488726 copy1/ 2 / 3

Ive added a few more of my favorite lace up shoes down below, you can just scroll trough them and klick on the items to get directly to them. Right now there is a 24 hour sale going on and you’ll get 24% off your purchase! What are your thoughts on lace up shoes? Do you own a pair and from where? Id love to get some more tips of gorgeous lace ups and where to get them!


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  1. Även om jag inte riktigt gillar att ha på mig klackar (fast jag har minst fyra par hemma ;’D) så är dessa klackar ursnygga!

    svar; Varsågod, bra att du trivs i det då, själv gick jag från blond till rödhårig, älskar min röda hårfärg 😀

  2. Thanks. 🙂 ni kommer få se hur det blev så fort jag fått ordning på rummet. 🙂 blir säkert i en video eller nåt sånt. 🙂

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