The cute floral set

Hey babes, school has really been hard on me and Im in my last week of summer sessions. So stoked to finally be done and get some time off! A lot has been going on, and I feel that its just simply easier to update Instagram instead of the blog att this time. My har is completely gray now after a final bleaching session and Im so happy about it. (All the yellow tones are out)

I’ve had a lot of other stuff going on as well, went to a event at RVCA last week as they just launched their Denim line, and I even got a pair with me home! Tomorrow there is an event with Real Techniques in favor for their new collection and I’m even going to meed the owners, and minds behind the brushes, so excited. I really think its gonna be a great event!

Im wearing a super cute little set that I got from Walktrendy. I know that there are a lot of people that have this set, I’ve seen it all over Instagram. But it is so darn cute I just had to get it! The set is only 16 bucks over at their website! IMG_0699 IMG_0697


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