I feel that whether it’s for a hot summer day with friends or for the night out, a jumpsuit is always a good choice! You can mix and match it as you want, put any jacket over, have lace up shoes or cute ballerinas, a small or a large bag, hats and sunglasses. You only need one piece of clothing and some accessories, and you’re done. Jumpsuits are everything, and I have always loved them. (Except from when you really need to go to the bathroom and you’re wearing a jumpsuit that requires some kind of zipper or be tied.)015444-0245_1

1. Lina Lace Playsuit / 2. Flute SLV Playsuit / 3. Off Shoulder Playsuit

Its so hard to choose any favorite, because they can be so different, but then agin so similar! You can have a classy one, but yet cute with some lace details, or you can have a everyday kinda one, something with fun prints or something thats more playful. I have jumpsuits to thank because without them, I wouldn’t have any colorful clothes in my closet. The jumpsuits I have are definitely the most colorful or the pieces with most prints that I have.

I don’t own any of the jumpsuits in this post, but I wish I had them all! To get to where the items are sold simply click the links below the images.

1435563454345471393 copy1. Halter Flower Print Romper / 2. Pineapple Print Jumpsuit / 3. Floral Hem Romper

ss40714185145-og1 copy1. Split Sleeve Playsuit / 2. Mono Print Playsuit / 3. Scalloped Lace Playsuit


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