Piña Colada

Hey guys, how is your summer going so far? I have been crazy busy with everything at home and school, I’m done in about three weeks with summer sessions and then ill have about 3 weeks summer vacation before fall semester starts again. I have a rally har philosophy class and Im spending a lot more time studying then I’m used too, but its really paying off!

IMG_0672 copy

Im getting a new roommate by the end of this month so things have changed around the house as you might have figured out, but its all for the better! Im finishing my steps to bleach away all the remaining yellows in my hair pretty soon and toning my extensions just slightly to fit my hair color. Im also planning writing a post on the process of going from brunette to full on grey hair and what  products i use to maintain it.

Other then that my life is pretty mellow right now,nothing crazy planned. My 21st birthday is coming up next month so some shenanigans will definitely take place by then. Isn’t this pineapple crop top set sooo cute? I got a thing for this kind of crop sets lately and I love the pineapple print on this one! You can get it here at ROMWE for only $16.

IMG_0662Set – ROMWE* / Shoes – Wholesalefashionshoes / Assorted Jewelry – KingsAndMelrose, ThePeachbox


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