Beauty Review – RegenFX Skin Care System

A luxury skincare line that are highly effective on all skin types and founded on holistic principles. RegenFX care system has researched and found a revolutionary result for anti aging. “At the heart of every formula is the use of active ingredients with proven efficacy in optimal doses, supported by innovative textures and technology to provide efficacy at every level.” RegenFX has a 5-in-1 anti aging formula that nourish your skin for lifting, volumizing, hydrating, toning and oxygenating.

I received “The Three Essentials” to try out and review. Lets us start with the looks – The containers feels luxurious before I even get to touch them, the design and material looks and feels very compact and durable. I like the minimalistic white and black with the silver details on the pump as well as the simple, plain and straight forward text on it. The products have gotten amazing reviews on Amazon where they are sold so I was very excited to try these out.

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Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum

Starting off with a clean face before applying, the serum is quickly absorbed by the skin and it don’t leave a oily look after application. The serum is also extremely light, transparent in color, and have a very light lavendel smell. It contains hydraulic acid serum which will draw in moisture from the environment and help your skin replenish and restore natural moisturizing.

Age Defying Moisturizer

Well, Im clearly still in my younger ages, but Ive heard that its never too early to start with anti-aging products. The age defying moisturizer is also very light, have a white color and smells like peppermint. Kind of reminds me of this candy we have in Sweden. The moisturizer, just like the serum, absorbs quickly and it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin, leaving a nice natural glow.

Total Regeneration Eye Gel

I don’t have bags under my eyes, but after a bad night they can definitely get a bit puffy. Your eyes instantly feels refreshed and you can notice the puffiness being reduced. The more often you use it the better the effect.

I want to take notes that I don’t have very sensitive skin, yet these products has gotten a lot of reds for being good for extremely sensitive skin. The are also perfect for traveling as they aren’t too big in size and the pumps are very convenient. Using them together is highly recommended, you can find the full line at Amazon

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