Easy, Cheap and Healthy Lunch tips – Tuna and Egg salad on Avocado.

So if you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have noticed some changes in my life. The biggest one in particular esthete Im starting a healthier and more active lifestyle. I workout for about 5 times a week, twice with my friend and PT. Im mainly focusing on doing a 8 week transformation so it is of course taking up a lot of time with other things that I do.

Food is, what I think at least, about 80% of the whole thing. If your don’t eat right you won’t see any major changes in such a short time. Thats why Im changing everything in how I eat, sleep and what I do during my days. I have daily goals such as walking at least 10 000 steps, weekly goals and right now its skipping drinks with sugars in it and candy/chips. So instead of just cutting everything off right away I take one ting, one goal, at the time.

Now lets start with the recipe.

What you need is:

2 cans of tuna

2 eggs, cooked

1 a little bit of onion, about 1/8 of a whole onion

2 strings of green onion

1/2 Avocado

1 tablespoon of creme fraiche

Salt & Pepper

Side Salad; I used Argula, tomatoes and shredded carrots. 

Cut or use a food chopper for the eggs and onions, I use the KUUK Chopper. Cut the green onions into smaller pieces and mix eggs, onions and tuna together, add a tablespoon creme freiche for a little creamier salad. Salt and pepper after your own liking. And you’re done with the tuna egg salad! You can also, if you like it, add sundries tomatoes to add a bit of flavor to it. And if you don’t like egg in it, but rather on the side, you don’t have to add the eggs. Theres a lot of variations you can do with it.


You don’t have to do it with an avocado, but thats how I like it. Just simply fill the avocado with the Tuna egg salad and make a side salad to go with it. This meal is super easy to make, ingredients are cheap and you can make a big batch because the salad will last for about 3 days. Perfect for lunch, home and taking with you to work, a smaller snack with just the salad or as substitute to any meal.

Hope you liked this recipe, I will be sharing more as I make the food myself!


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  1. That’s a great recipe and I’m totally going to try it out now during these hot summer days, because there’s nothing better than a fresh salad when the heat is making you melt like ice-cream 🙂
    I also noticed that eating right makes such a huge difference in achieving your goals. I used to workout a lot but didn’t eat right so nothing changed but once I got to eat all clean and healthy,the extra-pounds disappeared slowly 🙂

  2. This recipe looks so great! I love how healthy it is and simple to prepare. What a perfect summer salad. Thanks so much for sharing, I will have to try it!

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