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No matter if you’re in a dorm or just share a place with your roommates it is important to feel like you are home. Your room should be the way you like it and you should be comfortable in your own environment, always. I myself is very big on decorating and organizing my room for my needs, I have a lot of clothes and shoes, so I organize accordingly. So should you, especially if you’re in college just like me, your room is important. School can be stressful and you need to come home to something you like and functions for your needs!

I’ve been very lucky to partner up with Pottery Barn and give you my top picks to make your bedroom the best room in the whole house! The items I choose will make for a comfortable, cute and functional room for studies, sleeping and hanging out with friends. Whats good with Pottery Barn is that they have everything you may need in one place, great value for great products and so many different styles to complete your dream dorm room.

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Bedding; believe me in this one guys, invest in a good bed frame with storage. Storage is everything and I myself have a bed frame with 4 large drawers underneath and a headboard with shelves on the side. You wont’t need to get extra drawers to put underneath your bed and the space will be more efficiently used. This is why i think this Beadboard Super Set is perfect, because the headboard is also a bit higher. If you don’t have space for the extra shelves on the side there is an smaller set as well or they can go somewhere else in your room. When it comes to bedding sets I would personally choose something simple that would go with anything in the room, I’m not much for colors and crazy patterns on my bed. Instead I like to go with more fun decorations like these faux fur pillows.


Workspace; For me its important to have a place where I can focus and be organized. I personally liked to have a nice clean desk with some storage like shelves or drawers to get small items out of my way. This desk also has an hutch with extra drawers, perfect for pens, markers and other small items you may use frequently. Also, remember to buy a study, comfortable chair as you will be spending a lot of time by your desk. It doesn’t hurt either if the chair is as cute as this Polar Bear Chair. I would also recommend some kind of organizing set for small stuff, papers, pens or any other times you may have. These golden dot desk accessories are too cute.

img76c copy

Closet; Oh my, the amount of time I could spend on organizing my closet. But it is always a good idea to get a clothing racket if you have a small closet or its starting to get cramped. Using hanging closet storage is probably the ultimate solution, especially if you don’t have room to put in a dresser with drawers. You could always do like me and put up an extra rod or two on your wall for your clothes and shoes, using hanging storage solutions. And finally, please do not put all your jewelry in a box and hope it won’t get tangled, because it will and then you’re sitting there for hours trying to get your necklace. Instead invest in a small Jewelry chest or drawer.

Alright you guys, that was my main tips and ideas for a complete functional dorm room with a few decorating ideas. I personally like to keep it simple with furnitures but organized and efficient as well. Im still not 100% complete with my own room, you never get completely satisfied if you’re as nearly about it as I am, but its getting pretty close to perfect! Now, what would your dream room look like? And do you have any experiences with moving away for college and decorating your room that you would like to share? 

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Pottery Barn Dorm and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.


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  1. Love this post, Sofia! I’m completely obsessed with Pottery Barn, and I love all of your choices/suggestions – especially that cute polar bear chair, it looks so soft and comfy!!

  2. OMG – I love the polka dot desk accessories! I am re-doing my bedroom at home and will definitely be looking for those for the desk portion of the room, I’m obsessed!

    XO, Jacqueline

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