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It’s been a few stressful days with a lot to do, Im finishing up my last final project tonight and then Im finally done for the spring semester. It could not feel better, and that is also the reason to why its been empty in here, finals has been sucking up all my time and energy. Although this semester, just like the previous ones, has gone by so fast I can’t wait to be and feel that I’m done.


Its the time for sample sales and season sales, so I took the opportunity to check out a few sample sales myself and got a few pieces for a few bucks. Among them I found this jumpsuit from Trixxi Girl. I’ve been looking a lot for more maxi dresses and jumpsuits for the summer, and I completely fell in love with this one that I think only costed me 8 dollars. More warehouse and sample sales for the people! I also love how clothes here are generally shorter then in Europe, Im really short myself and have a tendency to have a hard time fining clothes with the right length, but here in the U.S the average person is shorter so therefor also the clothes are, wonderful!


I received these super nice sunglasses* from Classic Specs the other day in the new model “Logan” in “Havana Tortoise”. The style and shape really fits my round face so thats a big plus. The sunglasses are however a bit too big (thanks mom for my small head) and I will need to resize them in order to be able use them! Anyone know where I can do that quickly and cheap? 


Jumpsuit – Trixxi Girl / Jacket – River Island / Sunnies* – Classic Specs


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