Finals, and lots and lots of coffee…

So I’d rather be spending my time taking photos and writing blog posts, but then again I have that 6 page economics paper thats due tomorrow night, and a final test, and quiz as well to study for. I think I need to prioritize as it is the final week of spring classes!!! Omg, I couldn’t be more excited to be done with this semester. Im already down with two of my five classes and have two more done by tomorrow and the last project on Monday.

Its not that I don’t enjoy being a student, but I haven’t had a break for years. I went on from studying and graduating in Sweden to moving here and start College right away. I have basically had one summer off but that was the summer I moved here and it was anything but relaxing. All the other summer and winter semesters I’ve been taking classes so that I can finish my degree as early as possible. But you know what, I can’t wait to take my degree and start exploring what I want to do in life.

There is lots and lots of coffee intake as I have Starbucks just down the street.. They might as well put out a boot on my front yard.



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