BEAUTY REVIEW – Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

I received the ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Scrub* from ADOVIA about a week ago and got the opportunity to try and review the very interesting product. With real salt from the dead sea and with the numbers of 21 minerals infused I did expect a lot from this scrub that is supposed to exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

Now when you open the packaging you see the white clear salt in the bottom with a very clean blue liquid covering it. The scrub has a fresh smell, nothing too strong and its clear that it comes from the minerals.

I briefly tried it on my right hand and arm massaging it into my skin. The salt didn’t dissolve and made a really good exfoliator while the minerals worked like a moisturizing oil that cleaned and made your skin really soft and nice. After I’ve exfoliated for a minute or two I rinsed it off and it left my skin really glowing and moisturized. I have dry skin so this is perfect for me, as I often are way too lazy to use lotion after I’ve showered.

The price for the scrub is right now only $15 (Right here), so its not bad att all and you need very little when using it so it will last long.

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