Boost your confidence – My greatest tips

This post is in collaboration with Glossybox by Carolina Gynning that were released to boost girls confidence, which nowadays is an extremely important subject to bring up, especially for us influencers! I will share my top three tips for boosting your confidence and for feeling good about yourself, because just like any normal person I can also have bad days.

Do those small things that makes you feel better.

So you like to wear a lot of makeup, maybe you feel more comfortable and confident in a nice outfit, or maybe you feel better by taking a walk every day. So do it! Even if its just small things like putting on some mascara or wearing a special piece of jewelry. If it makes YOU feel better you should do it. Every small thing can make a difference throughout your day. I for example love to buy some pretty flowers every now and then.

Always feel comfortable in whatever the situation is.

So you don’t like to walk in heels, maybe you don’t like to show off your legs and wear short skirts? Maybe you just hate that color of shade but your friends have told you that you look good in it so you’ll wear it anyways. Never do anything that make you feel even slightly uncomfortable even if someone else disagrees with our opinion.


Get to know yourself.

If you don’t know what you like and don’t like, start questioning yourself if there is anytime that you don’t feel confident or insecure. Is it the way that you are wearing your hair that day? Maybe its the way you did your makeup that morning or the cut of the skirt that you’re wearing. Whatever it is, if something is making you insecure find out what it is and get to know yourself. Because you are the most important person in your life. 


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  1. Superfina bilder!

    Jag har förresten en tävling just nu på min blogg där man har chansen att vinna ett egendesignat mobilskal – du får väldigt gärna vara med och delta om du känner för det! 🙂

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