Swimwear A la Jenner Style

The Kardashian/Jenner family never stops surprising and impressing. But I guess they are a mater of either loving them or hating them, but I won’t deny my obsession with their style, hair, makeup, bodies…

Kendall and Kylie are bomb right now, especially Kylie even though her attitude is the worst I just can’t stop looking at her, following her and obsess over the whole family actually. And all i have to say is bikinis, oh lord the bikinis that family have. Ive gathered a few options to get the “Jenner style” and I might even got some myself.

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Ruched Back Sting Bikini Set / Strappy Cutout Side Bikini Setmp38451495503-bk1-t copyCut Out Bondage V Strap Swimsuit / Lattice Strap Cutout Bikini Set


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  1. ahh I have a love/hate relationship with the Kardashians! I totally agree with you though, I always end up following them even if I don’t particularly like what they’re doing! these bathing suits are awesome though ,thanks for the post!

    xx, kenz

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