New Camera Lens – Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8

I finally splurged on something that Ive wanted to get for a really long time, a new standard zoom lens. I got the Canon EF-S 17-55 mm lens because Ive been reading good reviews about it and it alsohas the perfect range of zoom that ill need for everyday photos and outfit photos. The wide angle can also be used for gorgeous landscape photos.


I played around a little bit with the lens and Already love it, even though Ive only been trying it inside so far! The lens is really quiet and fast, which is what I love. It also takes VERY clear and sharp photos which is even better.  Thinking one dog is hard to shoot? Try two of them together, haha.

For you that don’t know i have a Canon EOS 600D (Also called Canon Rebel T3i here in the US)

The lens was on special sale right now, its $829 right HERE at Amazon and overnight shipping was only $8.99. (Free 2 day shipping for Prime Members). The lens is pretty big, way bigger then I thought so it makes my camera look kinda raw, haha. But definitely worth the money as i am selling off my other lenses that this one replaces! IMG_9963 IMG_9970f/2.8 ISO200


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