I Take My Coffee Black

Good morning. I think its time for me to do more life posts then I usually do. I know that you all want to see more of my life, school, Los Angeles, and not only outfits and clothes and all that shallow things. That is really just the crumb of it all and I want to shoe you all the exciting stuff thats inside too.

This morning I started off with some coffee, nowadays I never really take the time to sit down and just relax and enjoy when I’m at home. There is to much things going on around me that i stress out about. I could also argue that it is my laziness thats kicking in. 

This french press might have been the best item I’ve bought when it comes to what to have in the kitchen. I don’t need to fill upp the brewer to make coffee and this is so much faster and effective for just one or two cups! I got it at IKEA, of course (just like everything else in this home) but its great! And I do actually take my coffee black, or ill do a Starbucks Vanilla Latte with coconut milk (Even though Starbucks don’t have the best coffee) or ill go full on sugar bomb with a Frappucchino.

How do you like your Coffee?



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  1. Så fantastiskt fina bilder!
    Jag går ju på en utrensningskur just nu och får inte dricka kaffe, men jag längta verkligen tills jag får göra det igen, så GOTT! 🙂

  2. I am not a black coffee person (close but still need a touch of sweetness) however what a pretty french press! We have one at home, NO CLUE how to use it hahaha so kudos to you!

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