H&M Launches A Full Beauty Line this Fall

So have you all heard the news yet? If not, you will right now!

H&M is finally lunching a full-range beauty line including everything from primers to hair products. Rumor is that it will be around 700 different pieces! (WHAT, thats HUGE) I haven’t found any beauty products from H&M here in the US but in Sweden they’ve existed for years. Even though the only thing I’ve used is the eyebrow pen from H&M, but that was years ago. To be honest I didn’t really have any interest in any other makeup products from them. The prices are kind of sketchy and they look cheap.


If done right, I believe that this can be a big hit. I already like the design of the new makeup cases, so classy and nice. But with a price range of $2.99-$24.99 I’m wondering how good the makeup really is. And if its animal tested, which I believe the items that do exist now are because they are not on the PETA list, I won’t take any interest in buying it.

Why would I when we have perfectly good, cruelty free, natural and vegan alternatives in drug stores, department stores and stores like Sephora and Sallys Beauty.


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