Bleaching No 2

I can’t fully say that this is bleaching number two, but this is the first full bleaching I’ve done. The last time I only had the bleach in for about 15-20 min. This time I had it in for about 45 minutes. I have not in any ways tampered with the pictures color wise and I was using a very bright light to take these pictures (its 9pm at night). The oranginess comes from the ceiling light.

I am super happy about how it turned out, it is however a bit too yellow still to take on a full grey color so ill need another bleach next week. Now I know that you should bleach so close together but my hair has bee doing VERY well. The secret is coconut oil, at least 6 hours before bleaching I’ve covered my hair in 100% virgin coconut oil and before bleaching I’ve applied even more. IMG_9770

My hair has been doing GREAT, it is in no way dry, brittle or stripy as it usually may be after bleaching. It actually feels even better then before I bleached it. Coconut oil is truly amazing, to anything! I will as Ive mentioned keep my roots dark and then let it go full on silver.

I will take you step by step through the process when its done and also tell you all about the products I’ve been using. They have been so good all of them! Considering this is my first time ever bleaching my hair I am truly really happy about how it is turning out


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