Current Hair Situation

So a few of you might have noticed a post I did on my Instagram a few days ago with a silver hair picture. Having silver hair is something I’ve wanted for quite a while now, I just haven’t taken any step towards it until now. Last night I just bleached my hair a little, let it be for about 20 min just to lighten up my hair a little bit, just enough to match the extensions I’ve been dyeing.

Now I also know that I want to keep my dark roots all the way to the point of where I can make a pony tail. I do feel comfortable in my dark hair but I also want a change. I have never in my life bleached my hair before, so this will be an experience for sure.


This is basically what it looks like right now, yellow/orange mix but I’m totally okay with walking around like this for about a week until I bleach it all the way the next time. I do have extensions in my hair, these are from Rapunzel of Sweden and I have bleached them two times already. They were from the start a #4 brown. No surprise that I’m not keeping them, before they get to the right white tone they will be nothing but stripes. At least i thought id try to bleach them down, if it would’ve worked it would have saved me some bucks but I’ve already ordered new extensions.

IMG_9686Bralette – Sheinside* , Im wearing a size L.


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  1. Silver är såååå fint! Velat ha det for ages och den senaste tiden har jag lyckats få till det silvrigt, så himla nöjd. Men damn vad mycket silvershampoo det går åt!

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