Thank you guys!

I just wanted to write a little post. These past weeks haven’t been easy, hell, this past year haven’t been easy. But life is a roller coaster, and if it wasn’t life would be boring. I am so, so grateful for everything I have in life, for all the loving people that I have, they are very few but very special.

I don’t have one single day of the week off from something. I have one day off this month and its memorial day. Its no wonder that I’m stressed and have trouble sleeping. In between getting all the schoolwork done, making sure that the blog keeps updated and that all the sponsors are happy, there is a lot to do.
And not to speak, I have almost no social life, even if you might think so.

I can’t express how happy I am about launching my new blog finally. Ive been stuck with a contract with my former blog portal, and that was not fun. I won’t talk bad about them, but I will tell you guys to be careful with what you sign, make compromises and demand changes so that you feel comfortable with any contract that you sign. Make sure that you get the most out of it, it is your brand and you can’t let anyone else ruin it!

I also wanted to express my thanks to all the love I’ve been getting on my recent posts, comments and interaction is what makes me inspired and going forward. My readers are everything and without them, and some hard work, I would’ve never been here today. So thank you.


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  1. Så fint inlägg. Hoppas du kan få det lugnare snart, och sooova ut :))
    Tycker din blogg är jättefin. Ja, man ska inte gå med på vad som helst, men man måste också lära sig den hårda vägen och för att säga andra att vara försiktiga. Sen så passar allt inte alla.

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