This is the second box that I’ve received from Rocksbox and I’m as always so excited. For you who aren’t familiar with what Rocksbox is i’ll give you a little recap. (And a promotion code)

Rocksbox is kind of a subscription box, but you are not limited to just one box each month, even if you pay monthly for the service. What the box is is more of a rental service of fine jewelry. You get to rent, borrow, however you want to put it, up to three pieces of jewelry for each box. You keep the box for as long time as you want too and when you send it back you will get a new box with three new pieces.


The box is $19 per month but it comes with a lot of perks. For once you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy jewelry that you may or may not use very often. If you really like an item that you receive you can buy it for an special offer price. You also get $10 each month to spend on jewelry. And as I said, you are not limited to just one box, if you receive a box with items that you don’t like you can send it back and get a new box just a few days later. And shipping it back is also free, they include a shipping label when you get your box!

The box is personalized just for you and you even have your own personal stylist to pick out pieces for you. You get to take a style survey once you sign up and then you can add jewelry to you wishlist. Your stylist will then choose items to send to you! Sounds pretty easy right? Just look how cute the personalized messages are.IMG_9537

In my second box I received three items (of course) and I am so happy about them! The box included the “Geodesic Bangle in Gold” from House of Harlow 1960, Screw Stud Earrings in Gold by Wanderlust + Co and a Geometric Pendant Necklace by SLATE.

What do you think of the Jewelry I received? IMG_9544

First 3 people to use code SOFIABFF13 when signing up gets one month for free.

If that code doesn’t work, its been used, then you can use missiepopularxoxo to get half off your first month.

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