Summer Glow Makeup look with Laura Mercier

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It has been a while since I shared a makeup look. It was finally time to do it again and I am so happy to partner up today with Laura Mercier. And show you some of my favorite products to use this summer to get the perfect summer look! My ideal summer look is light, fresh and easy but with a fun colorful twist - like a fun lipstick. And it must last all day![...]

My stay at The Pendry Hotel San Diego

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When you walk in through the tall glass doors at The Pendry you are greeted by a group of couches in front of a fireplace. It instantly feels like you are home. The Lobby is decorated in each and every corner with either tables or couches for your convenience. We checked in late on a Friday night for a weekend getaway. We chose The Pendry Hotel in[...]

A San Diego Weekend Getaway

Me and a friend decided to take a last minute weekend trip down to San Diego. California living definitely has its perks. Your next adventure is just a couple of hours away. From Los Angeles to downtown San Diego on a Friday night it only took us 2 hours to get there. San Diego is such a charming city. Tons of things to do and go see. During this trip we[...]

Taste the world with S.Pellegrino

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 I haven't been cooking for a while and been kind of bound to takeout food. So, I recently decided to go back and do some cooking. So, I wanted to share my Taste of the world recipe together with S.Pellegrino with you. From spending my past years being a student on a strict budget I learned how to not only save money but also perfect the few dishes I coul[...]

Why Mochi should be your new addiction

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Mochi - You have probably seen or heard about it. But do you know what it actually is? Mochi is a Japanese dessert, or treat if you will, that contains of a rice cake filled with ice cream. The name mochi itself comes from the rice cake that contains the ice cream filling. In Japanese culture mochi plays a big role and it is more than just a dessert. The t[...]